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Revolutionary Liquid Coating Technology

A technology derived from Japan, KristalBond is a liquid coating applicable to glass surfaces of different shapes and sizes. Functional, the liquid glass coating once cured and dried, provides a protection from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays without causing visual interference.
A breakthrough in today’s scientific and technology arena, its method involves the dispersion and reassembling of molecules and atoms to create a fine and functional product. The word “nano” is the measurement unit of each new molecule size. A nanometer (nm) is 0.001 (10-3) of a micron. The ingredients of KristalBond are innovated from this technology where its compositions are small, yet functional. A technological breakthrough liquid, through nanotechnology, KristalBond is able to self-level and suspend the nano-sized particles from gravitational effects. This gives KristalBond glass coating a smooth and even finishing.
A Functional Product
KristalBond liquid glass coating has 3 basic yet crucial functions. It is able to:
  • Reduce 90% of the Infrared ray admittance
  • Shield off 99% of the ultraviolet rays admittance
  • Allow high visible light transmission
Although sun-protection is the emphasis, KristalBond’s clarity and durability surpasses that of plastic film laminates, providing visual clarity both day and night for a longer time.
Living with KristalBond
Suitable for today’s healthy lifestyle, KristalBond glass coating useful for heat and uv reduction, protects you from the sun’s harmful rays at home, in the office and in your car. Because it comes in a liquid form, it is applicable on glass surfaces of any shape including curved and wavy glass, seamlessly. Chemically bonded onto the glass, KristalBond forms a layer of six to seven micron in thickness, KristalBond physically becomes a part of the glass when it fully cures.
Original Specifications Unchanged
Whilst plastic film laminate changes the original specifications of glass, KristalBond retains it. It is non-reflective and crystal clear, providing supreme clarity at all times.

On cars, KristalBond does not alter the safety characteristic and purpose of tempered glass as set by your car’s manufacturer. Tempered glass, is meant to shatter into small fragments upon impact.
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