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Kristalbond Technologies has been awarded Singapore Green Building Product certification. It is a safe & eco-friendly product that is suitable for interior use. Find out more recognition achieved by KristalBond.

Kristalbond Technologies Protects Against...

Harvest natural light & save on artificial lighting with KristalBond. ​An ultra clear nano coating that provide superior Ultraviolet & Infrared ray protection.

90% Heat Cut

Reduces heat loss from windows by retaining far infrared generated indoor.
99% UV Cut

Formulated to block 99% of the sun's UVA & UVB.
High Visibility

Harvest natural light & save on artificial lighting during the day with Kristalbond Technologies.
10 Years Warranty

​ Applied to the inside of existing glass, Kristalbond Technologies is chemically bonded onto the glass to form a durable layer.
Japan Nanotechnology

A liquid glass coating that shields against the sun's harmful rays for living comfort & energy savings.

Successful Stories

More than 15 years in the industry, Kristalbond Technologies had successfully completed many projects around the world. Check out Kristalbond Technologies past projects.

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