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In the face of global warming and the increasing need for energy saving products, glass coating from Kristalbond, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a variety of high quality protective window coating for more than a decade, has become increasingly sought after. With desirable features such as high durability, high visibility, effective filtering of ultraviolet and infrared light, no risk of peeling and bubbling, and comes with great energy savings, being a Kristalbond dealer is both lucrative and environmental-friendly business opportunity. Should you meet the requirements as shown below, we would like to welcome you to be one of our business partners.

Why be a KristalBond Dealer for energy saving glass coating?

  • Rise in energy cost increases the demand for energy saving solutions across nations around the globe.

  • Incentives offered by government and non-profit organisation to building owners to reduce CO2 emissions (building code). 

  • Global warming awareness program have increased peoples' awareness of environmental issues.

  • The dramatic increase in glass usage in Modern Architecture.

  • Increase a building's value and promote greater health and well being of its occupants.

  • Capitalize on your existing business network to increase sales.

  • Increase the productivity of existing human resource by bringing in an additional product. 

Who are suitable potential dealers?

  • Chemical distributor who are familiar with coatings /glass coatings

  • Building maintenance companies

  • Property developers

  • Facade contractors

  • General Contractors/ Sub-contractors

  • Solar control solution providers such as tint film dealers

  • Interior / kitchen designers

  • Glass fabricators

  • Glass installers

  • Painters

  • Others

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