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Dad, did you know that your children are inhaling plastic particles the size of one credit card? 

The micro-plastic particles can have a great impact on our health! 

KristalBond Japan’s Nano Glass Coating


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When we use plastic products, micro-plastics may enter into our food, therefore we inevitable eat a lot of plastic particles. What effects will these particles have on our body? Or will we be fine? In the “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health”, there is a study that said we are not concerned enough about the presence of micro-plastics, because we don’t know about the impact of micro-plastics on our health, there is a big knowledge gap. In other words, we are ignorant.


Phthalates are commonly used in plastic bags. According to the National Institute of Health, just a small amount of phthalates can cause cancer, it can damage the reproductive ability in men and women, and affect the development of children. The sperm count in men in the United States today is only half of that 50 years ago, and it is believed to be linked to the increased use of plastic packaging. We can’t stop using plastic bags, but plastic has nothing to do with us!

Don’t forget that the insulation film in your cars and at home is also plastic. Many people don’t know that the normal mirror paper that stays in the heat for long-term will slowly release colourless and odourless gases, which is harmful to our health. At the same time, the normal mirror paper will become brittle and flake, resulting in your mirror becoming blur and dull.


Professional research shows that in one year we inhale plastic particles the size of a card, that’s terrible! Are these plastic particles good for our children?

KristalBond Japan’s Nano Glass Coating


Plastic-free insulation technology Exclusive anno-technology heat insulation

KristalBond originated from Japan, they use the latest nano-technology glass coating, which can effectively block 99% of UV rays. Therefore, if used at home, in the office, or in the car, can greatly improve the indoor temperature, and decrease the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. As we all know, ultraviolet rays causes damage to furniture, wooden floors, curtains, art, and others, it can even cause skin cancer. 

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Special Features

  • In the summer, KristalBond can help reduce air conditioner use and increase efficiency and comfort, especially in areas close to the glass.

  • In the winter, KristalBond reduces heat loss through the windows by retaining hot air indoors.

  • KristalBond retained heat indoors by reducing cold draft and increasing comfort by reding condensation on windows.

  • KristalBond can block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB

  • Prevents skin cancer

  • Protects your furniture, displays and valuables from fading and looking dull

  • Repels insects that are drawn by UV rays emitted by indoor lights

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  • KristalBond’s coating was simulated using a glass room at the University of Malaya

  • The results showed that the coated glass room can save up to 30% in electricity bills, and reduce about 5.6kg/m2 of carbon dioxide emissions a year

  • KristalBond makes good use of natural lighting and reduces artificial lighting use

  • KristalBond is an ultra-clear nano coat with crystal like properties that reduce reflection on the glass surface

  • KristalBond is only 7 microns thin and has a low haze level of 0.8

  • It is ultra-transparent thanks to our nano-technology that retains your window’s originality 

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KristalBond’s Japanese nano coating is only 7 microns thin, with a 0.8 low haze level, it is colourless and can completely retain the originality of your windows 

  • KristalBond is applied to the interior of the existing glass, it is chemically bonded to the glass to form a durable coating. KrsitalBond has a 6H hardness and has a high scratch resistance  

  • KristalBond offers a 15 year warranty that prevents flaking and cracking 

  • KristalBond liquid coating can be seamlessly applied to curved glass or large glass surfaces for a perfect treatment

  • It is excellent at self-levelling, which gives it an advantage over ordinary insulation stickers 

Suitable any size

KristalBond’s exclusive Japanese nano coating is not plastic, it is in liquid form, so any size or shape of glass is compatible. It only takes 90 minutes to apply Kristal Bond and it dries in 7 days. 


With advanced Japanese technology,

it is unique and excellent,

and trusted by the International Health Organization 


(Tests include: solar optical performance, heat and weather resistance test, and scratch hardness test)

  • TÜV SÜD PSB, Singapore

  • University of Malaya

  • Japanese Food Laboratory 

KristalBond has been widely used in many countries in Asia over the past 15 years, such as office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, resorts, airplanes, machines consoles, apartments, villas, etc.  

We provide a 15-year warranty period to give you a peace of mind from breakage and damage. We provide services such as customer call service, email service, and inspection. We want to give you a safe and secure service to enjoy your home or work environment.  


Japan’s imported nano-technology glass coating improves your home with a strong protective film, in addition to that, it is a heat insulator, it prevents the glass from cracking and scratches, so it is safe for children!


24-hour Protection

for your family begins with KristalBond Plastic-free insulation technology 

Highly Visible

Exclusive Nano-technology

Heat Insulation Environmentally Friendly 

After 65 years of research, by upholding our mission of improving our health and to protect the environment and Earth, KristalBond’s high quality products provides a layer of protection for us and our loved ones, so that we can spend every day safely.  

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KristalBond_Special Feature
KristalBond_Special Feature

Quality assured 


Protect your family now 


If you're interested,

please contact us.

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