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Patented in 16 countries, KristalBond's unique Sol-Gel Technology enables our silicone-based binder to cure at room temperature to give you a functional glass coating that is:

  • Transparent

  • Ultra thin (7 micrometer)

  • Excellent in leveling

  • Quick drying

Silicone Binder for Perfect Bonding 

Our binder is composed primarily of silicone dioxide, the same material as glass. This makes KristalBond compatible with the glass surface and having similar attributes such as:

  • Clarity

  • Resistance to weather, scratch and fire

Hi-tech Materials

What differentiate KristalBond with other solar control products are its ingredients which are a hybrid of organic and inorganic substances. The inorganic component in KristalBond makes it many times more durable.

Functional Additives that Make KristalBond Work:

  • High performance infrared absorbers

  • High performance ultraviolet absorbers


With its strong binding properties and glass-like characteristic, KristalBond's durability exceeds 15 years. 

KristalBond Coating Structure
Cross linking of materials make KristalBond coating stable compare to ordinary coating. 

Through Weathering Test in accordance with ISO 16474-2:2103, using the filtered Xenon-arc, KristalBond's glass coating was exposed to intense radiation for 3000 hours. KristalBond passed the minimal change to its performance. 


The use of nano sized ingredients make KristalBond naturally clear and non-reflective. The KristalBond coat also smoothes the surface by filling up micro size pits and unevenness, enhancing the glass clarity further. 


Using the pencil scratch method in accordance to Scratch Hardness Test JIS K5600-5-4:1999, KristalBond has a hardness of 6H, surpassing tint films which range from 3~4H. 


KristalBond is able to self-level evenly on glass surfaces of any position with little effects to gravity. The self leveling process occurs during the first 5 minutes after it has been applied. Whether applied on a glass ceiling or wall, its performance remains the same. 

KristalBond Spectral Performance Data

KristalBond Spectral performance data

Tested based on ISO 9050 standard, except U-Value which is based on ISO 8990.

The optical measurements are conducted at normal incident angle and actual sun light incident angle may be oblique and angular optical properties are supposed to be different

graph english.png

Comparison with tinted films and low-e glass:

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