KristalBond performance is tested by leading certification, inspection and testing agencies in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. 

Solar Optical Performance

ISO 9050:1990 (E)

Glass in building - Determination of light transmittance, solar direct transmittance, total solar energy transmittance and ultraviolet transmittance and related glazing factors. 

Weathering Test

ISO 11341:1994

Paint and Varnishes - Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation. 

ISO 16474-2:2013

Paint and Varnishes - Method of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon Arc Lamps

ASTM E313-96

Calculating yellowness and whiteness indices from instrumentally measured colour coordinated. 

Road Safety Test

JIS R3211:1998

Safety glazing material for road vehicles.

JIS R3212:1998

Test method for safety glazing material for road vehicles.  

Thermal Resistance & Health Safety Test 

ISO 8990:1994

Thermal Insulation - Determination of steady-state thermal transmission properties - Calibrated and guarded hotbox.

Determination of thermal transmittance (U) (test equivalent to JIS A 4710:1989 - Test method of thermal resistance for windows and doors.) 

EN71:Part 3:1994

Safety of toys:Part3:

Migration of certain elements.

Safety of the product tested according to Japan Sanitation Law, under "Apparatus and Container - packages". 

Scratch Hardness Test

JIS K5600-5-4:1999

Testing methods for paints

Part 5:Mechanical property of film

Section 4:Scratch hardness

Ultraviolet Protection Factor Test

Protection factor method from "Radiation Protection in Australia 1995, 13 (2) 50-54"

Test results showed a protection factor of 348# Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency 

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